My Friend Lisa is currently recording an album!

But fear not: we have some 4-song EPs we’ve recorded in various places to tide you all over till we get off our buts and finish our mixing!

Spring 2012 Sampler

This is the working copy of our first full length album! Enjoy!Full album to come out later this year!!

The Stairwell Sessions

This was recorded in the stairwell outside Reilly’s studio during a rather rocking shooter party. The goal was to see if we could really play a few songs after a few to many homemade shooter concoctions (some of which actually involving meatballs) We think success… oh ya we got locked out and needed rescue

The Tofino Sessions

One day we thought “Hey, lets haul a whole whack of recording gear to a beautiful place & record us a Little 5 song EP on the ocean.